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Dont get overchaged for an oven repair in New York City

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

We received a call from a lady that was looking for price to change an ignitor in an oven, we don’t like to give prices over the phone for many reasons. Replacing an ignitor solves about 90 percent of oven problems, it is a simple procedure for a trained tech, it is somewhat risky since you are dealing with gas and if not done properly can cause a gas leak and/or gas explosion. We charge an average of $200 dollars for one oven ignitor replacement in NYC, most ovens have 2 ignitors one for bake and one for broil, Viking ovens might have up to 4 ignitors. Getting back to the call, i told the lady we charge $80 for the visit plus parts and labor, she insisted in total to change an ignitor so i told her we charge an average of 200 for the repair in the nyc area. She was shocked,¬† she told me a company she had just hired did not charge for the visit but once they got there it was going to cost $200 for the part and $200 for the labor for a total of $400 that is double what we charge for but it was too late the damage was done. To make an appointment call us at 1-718-730-2240 or visit or website to see more services we provide and reviews

Broken Oven glass call.

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

We received a call to repair or replace  an oven glass, normally we do not like to give prices over the phone but the customer insisted so we told her usually we charge between $180 to $220 for the repair in NYC area, but we needed to see the oven and collect a deposit to order glass, when i got there i saw it was a different type of oven, the glass was fused with a stainless piece of metal, when i call to check the price of the part it turned out to be $180 dollar part, i told customer we had to change the price to $320, it was a very complex replacement, the door had to be disassembled and put together, it was very risky you might not want to take this risk. Breaking the replacement glass would cost another $180 dollars.